Distribution Gaming has been around since 2012 and is still standing strong. We ensure our community will enjoy their experience they receive on our servers, with any problems resolved instantly. We have a long term, solid and helpful group of the best people to make our staff team. We are always open for suggestion at all times on any of our services and every single person is welcome to join in on our community. We offer the best service to all of our players by offering them lots of opportunities or to even join the team.

Distribution Gaming have a wide variety when it comes to dealing with players problem and in general help, live chats on our website are not recorded and they are completely confidential. We offer a personal email for the players to also contact a member of staff. We invite you to join us where we all hang out and socialize on teamspeak! So come one! What are you waiting for!

  • what we do

    As a community we offer fully customised game servers developed by our specially selected staff team. Our primary game is Garry’s mod and we aim to offer a wide variety of gamemodes for our players to enjoy such as Deathrun, DarkRP and more. We also aim to expand into other games in the future.

  • how we do it

    The way we achieve our unique customisability on our services is by listening to you. We have active members on the forums and TeamSpeak where we are always open for suggestions. We also use a live chat feature implemented onto our website, and we use this to improve the experience for our loyal members. Our developers have years of experience making fully custom game servers for our players to enjoy.

  • why do we do it

    The reason we strive to make unique servers for our community is because we want to revolutionise the way players enjoy their favourite games and game modes. We don’t believe in leaving a job half complete, which is why we develop our servers to the best of our ability to ensure the best possible experience for our players.

Why choose our community?

Quaility Services

We strive to bring our players a quality experience, with no lag and constant updates to make sure that everybody enjoys their stay at Distribution Gaming.


All our staff members are active on our forums and we always open to your suggestions on there. Go ahead and take a look for yourself as we are always open for feedback.

Active Teamspeak

At Distribution Gaming, we have a heavy emphesis on interaction, which is why we welcome all members to join our TeamSpeak 3 server to socialise and enjoy themselves.

Service Updates

Over the years as our community has evolved, our game servers have evolved with us. With more and more features and updates to make for the ultimate gaming experience.


Our professional staff team has been specially selected as a mature, sensible group of people who work all hours to ensure the best possible time for the members of our community.


When a member of our communtiy has a problem, we make it our aim to get it resolved ASAP. That is why we have our dedicated livechat on the website so that we can help improve the experience for our members.